DYCI2 3.0 Pre-Beta Release


Download DYCI2 3.0 Beta Pre-Release.
This is a “pre-beta” release of a brand new implementation of the DYCI2 library, please do not distribute !
Thanks to your feedback, it will soon be finalized and distributed instead of the initial research prototype here: https://forum.ircam.fr/projects/detail/dyci2-lib/

Planned schedule:
– November 15th, 2022 : beta release of the library & of an associated device for Ableton Libe (on this same webpage)
– December 15th, 2022 : official release (https://forum.ircam.fr/projects/detail/dyci2-lib/)


The DYCI2 library contains a collection of generative agents and tools for interactive music generation in a range of situations going from offline generation to live improvisation.

It has been originally conceived and developped by Jérôme Nika, and this new release has been developped with Augustin Muller (Max library), Joakim Borg (Python generative engine) at Ircam, within the framework of the projects ANR-DYCI2, ANR-MERCI, ERC-REACH in the Music Representations team (part of the joint research lab UMR STMS IRCAM-CNRS-UPMC) directed by Gérard Assayag; and the “UPI CompAI” internal project. The audio use cases were designed in collaboration with Diemo Schwarz, Riccardo Borghesi and the ISMM team at Ircam, and are built upon the MuBu and CatArt environments.

Associated research papers: https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01583089/document

A recent presentation about the DYCI2 library (20 min in english): https://youtu.be/RXKJbpJb8w4?t=1530

Some videos of collaborations with musicians using DYCI2 or its previous versions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAKZIW0mMWCrX80yS96ZxAw


  • Mac OS >= High Sierra
  • Max 8


  • Drag the DYCI2lib directory wherever you want (but not in Max packages / libraries !) and add its path into Max’s search path (in Max: Options/File preferences… then add the path WITH THE SUBFOLDERS).
  • You may need to allow your computer to use the app “DYCI2_Library/app/dyci2_server.app”.
    To do this once and for all, you can double-click on the app and then allow it in System Preferences / Security and Privacy.
  • Install “Mubu for Max” to use the DYCI2 audio examples, see below.


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