Author: Jérôme Nika

Jérôme Nika is a researcher and a computer music designer / musician specialized in human-machine musical interaction. As a “digital luthier”, he conceives and develops generative software instruments in collaboration with the Music Representations team at Ircam and in interaction with expert improvisers, performers, and composers. These generative agents combine machine learning models and generative processes with reactive listening modules. This work led to numerous artistic collaborations and musical productions, particularly in improvised music (Steve Lehman, Bernard Lubat, Benoît Delbecq, Rémi Fox) and contemporary music (Pascal Dusapin, Ensemble Modern, Marta Gentilucci). More than 60 artistic performances have brought these tools into play since 2016 (Onassis Center, Athens, Greece; Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria; Frankfurter Positionen festival, Frankfurt; Annenberg Center, Philadelphia, USA; Centre Pompidou, Collège de France, LeCentquatre, Paris, France; Montreux Jazz festival, etc.).