Conferences, lectures, invited seminars, workshops

See “Creation” for the artistic events: concerts, installations, etc.

Release of Dicy2 for Max and Dicy2 for Live !

Dicy2 is both a package for Max and a plugin for Ableton Live implementing interactive agents using machine-learning to generate musical sequences that can be integrated into musical situations ranging from the production of structured material within a compositional process to the design of autonomous agents for improvised interaction. 

“France Atlanta 2020: Machines of Loving Grace”

Roundtable “Performances with machines” organized by Ircam as part of the seminar “France Atlanta 2020: Machines of Loving Grace”. Animation Jean-Louis Giavitto, with Jérôme Nika (Ircam), Benjamin Levy (Ircam), Grace Leslie (Georgia Tech), Daniele Ghisi (composer), Elaine Chew (CNRS), October 15, 2020.

Invited presentation @ Tokyo University of the Arts

Invited presentation “DYCI2 library: interpreting at the scale of intention, composing at the scale of narrative” (by Skype), Tokyo University of the Arts, Max summer school in Geidai, 6th August 2020.

Invited Workshop @ Expo 74

Invited presentation by Cycling 74 for the 30 years of Max software, MassMoca, North Adams, United States, April 28, 2019.

Invited Seminar @ CalArts

School of Music, Visiting Artist Session Invited seminar @ California Institute of Arts (CalArts) Los Angeles, United States, April 18, 2019.

Invited Seminar @ EHESS

Seminar Complex systems in social sciences, Cams (Center of Analysis and Social Mathematics), EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences), Paris, April 3, 2015.