“Atelier inattendu 2” @ Théâtre Le Prato, Lille

Collaboration with IRI and Bernard Stiegler: “Atelier inattendu 2”, Théâtre le Prato, Lille, January 22-24, 2015.

“Unexpected workshops”: traveling school, workshops, discussions, performances, Lille (France), Mons / Tournai (Belgium), 2015 

Jérôme Nika (Ircam / STMS) took part in the organization and animation of the “Unexpected workshops music / philosophy” (“Rencontres inattendues musique et philosophie”) organized by philosopher Bernard Stiegler and IRI (Institut de Recherche et d’Innovation) in the framework of the project “Mons capitale de la culture 2015”. This project addressed the questions of improvisation and annotation / categorization in music and philosophy.

ImproteK played an important role in the “Ateliers Inatendus” (“Unexpected Workshops”): from October 2014 to August 2015, a “traveling school” was organized between Belgium and France with workshops in Mons, Lille, and Tournai, attended by numerous amateur and professional musicians. The workshops associated sessions of collective musical practice orchestrated by Bernard Lubat, Fabrice Vieira and guests (such as Michel Portal), and sessions of collective discussions with interventions of philosophers and musicologists and ethnomusicologists (such as Bernard Stiegler, Jean During, Pierre Sauvanet and Yves Citton). This project ended with a summer school in Tournai during Tournai Jazz Festival 2015.

The scenography of the successive workshops was centered on a visual representation of ImproteK inputs and outputs displayed on a screen in the middle of the stage destined both to the musicians and to the audience. The system was integrated in a network of devices introducing new interactive practices for the musicians and enabling the audience to take part in an active listening process through annotations of the improvisations.

Project “Penser / Improviser”