Three Ladies @ Festival interazionale “pietre che cantano”

“Edith Piaf, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Billie Holiday, tre donne del 1915”, multimedia performance from and by Hervé Sellin and Georges Bloch, collaboration computer music design: Jérôme Nika.
Festival interazionale “pietre che cantano”, L’Aquila, Aug. 21, 2015.

Hervé Sellin (piano) and Georges Bloch (using ImproteK) intensively worked with the system for 6 months, from the beginning of their project to the first concert in August 2015. This collaboration led to two concerts (August 21st 2015, Festival Internazionale “Pietre che cantano”, L’Aquila, Italy; February 6th 2016, Conservatoire du sixième arrondissement, Paris, France) and studio sessions to record the pieces. The idea of their project “Three Ladies” was to create two improvised pieces played by Hervé Sellin and a virtual trio: Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday, and Elizabeth Schwarzkopf.

Video: Studio session “The Man I Love” 
Video: Interviews with Hervé Sellin (in french)