Invited Seminar @ Collège de France

Invited talk at Chronos Seminar, Collège de France, Paris, January 6, 2016.

Chronos seminar – Time and Events in Computer Science, Control Theory, Signal Processing, Computer Music, and Computational Neurosciences and Biology (from Chronos Project): 

“The Chronos interdisciplinary network aims at placing in close contact and cooperation researchers of a variety of scientific fields: computer science, control theory, signal processing, computer music, neurosciences, and computational biology. The scientific object of study will be the understanding, modeling, and handling of time- and event-based computation across the fields. […] The broad subject of time and events has been the focus of the last 2 years of Collège de France courses of the Chronos coordinator, who also organized a dedicated informal seminar that was instrumental in building the Chronos network community and proposal. We benefited from visits of foreign researchers working in the same area, whose list is given in the full proposal and with whom we want to continue collaborating. Chronos will work by organizing a regular global seminar on subjects ranging from open questions to concrete solutions in the research fields, workshops gathering subsets of the Chronos researchers to address specific issues more deeply, a final public symposium presenting the main contributions and results, and an associated compendium.”