“Good Vibration 2020 – Taïwan Contemporary Lab”

RCAM signed a Cultural Cooperation Agreement with the C-LAB in Taiwan (2020-2027) to contribute to the constitution of the Taiwan Sound Lab. Good Vibration 2020 brings together concerts and IRCAM Forum Workshops around the themes of “music and improvisation” and “spatial sound and virtual reality”. This series of events will take place successively this December. The “Good Vibration 2020” will start from 4th to 5th December, and the “IRCAM Manifeste and Forum” will be broadcasted online from 7th to 20th December. By the end of 2020, the C-LAB expects to offer people multi-dimensional experiences of music and sound through diverse performances, appreciation and analysis of works, as well as discussions about contemporary musical aesthetics. By virtue of artistic and cultural events, moreover, the C-LAB looks forward to boosting people’s morale to embrace the upcoming year!

At 25’30”, a 25-minute video summary of our last years of research and creation using generative agents/instruments based on a musical “memory”. In the framework of IRCAM Forum at C-Lab Taipei :