“In Ex Machina” An interview about the AI electronics for “Ex Machina” (Lehman & ONJ)

An interview by Jérémie Szpirglas about the creation of the “AI” electronics for “Ex Machina” @ France Musique (Steve Lehman, Frédéric Maurin; Orchestre National de Jazz, IRCAM).

Jérôme Nika, creator of the generative electronics and artistic collaborator on the project takes a look back at his experience.

Jérôme Nika has been working with jazzman Steve Lehman for a number of years. Nika is in charge of the creation of the generative electronics and is an artistic collaborator in the Ex Machina project, created with the Orchestre National de Jazz and its conductor Frédéric Maurin. This project makes great use of the different declinations of DYCI2, a “software instrument” resulting from the research Jérôme Nika has been working on for nearly a decade as a researcher in the Musical Representations team. While no two projects resemble the next, he observes with fascination that his work is taking on the dimension to which he has aspired since the beginning… Read more on the Ircam website.

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