“Ex Machina” with Steve Lehman & ONJ @ Roulette, Brooklyn, New York

Concert, “Ex Machina” by Steve Lehman & Orchestre National de Jazz @ Roulette, Brooklyn, New York.

September 30th, 8pm live in New York and on Youtube: “Ex Machina” (Orchestre National de Jazz) for which I created the generative electronics with composers Steve Lehman and Frédéric Maurin and computer music designer Dionysios Papanicolaou at IRCAM will be played at Roulette Intermedium, Inc.

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More details: see “Ex Machina” project page.

Steve Lehman, Frédéric Maurin – composition
Frédéric Maurin – artistic direction
Jérôme Nika – generative electronics creation and artistic collaboration
Dionysios Papanicolaou – IRCAM computer music design
Axel Roebel – IRCAM Scientific Advisor, Sound Analysis-Synthesis Team
Executive producer – Orchestre national de jazz.

An Ircam-Centre Pompidou, Radio France coproduction. With the support of the ERC Advanced Grant REACH project led by Gérard Assayag and supported by the European Research Council under the Horizon 2020 program, the Sacem, and the Centre National de la Musique.