C'est pour ça

C’est pour ça [That’s why] is a dialogue between musician-saxophonist Rémi Fox and musician-machine Jérôme Nika, who will work in 2020 on their new project “Hippocampe”, laureate of the CNC’s Dicream grant.
The duo designs its own software instruments based on the learning of “musical memories”. The composed and improvised pieces use these generative instruments to carry out interactive and creative journeys of these memories, in the same way that the hippocampus (of the brain) is used during dreams to orchestrate the creative reinterpretation of memory.
Live electronics is generated by a hybrid control from both members of the duo and blurs the established roles of “acoustic musician” and “electronic musician”. This project thus proposes a way to tackle the challenge of music with real-time electronics: creating a homogeneous universe in which acoustics and electronics feed each other.