“Lullaby Experience” project: documentary / interviews (english subtitles)

Lullaby Experience is a participatory project imagined by composer Pascal Dusapin.

Pascal Dusapin conception and musical creation
Claus Guth director
Étienne Pluss decors, stage design
Dorothee Joisten costumes
Thierry Coduys IRCAM computer music design and mixing
Jérôme Nika IRCAM computer music collaboration
Olaf Winter lighting
Roland Horvath video
Yvonne Gebauer playwright
Axel Weidauer assistant director
Clémence de Vergnette assistant decors
Gal Fefferman choreographic collaboration
Ensemble Modern

 With Johanna Berger (the girl), Renate Bahm (the mother), Nami Miwa (ballerina), Amadeus Pawlica (conferencier), Micha B. Rudolph (man), Paul Lorenger (clown), Markus Rockenbach (man on stilts).